Making The Best Out Of Worst.

A political controversy,appreciating nature,religious sect debate,tips on looking vibrant and beautiful or just another everyday topic?
NO. This time Mental stability it is.All of us at some point have suffered from calamities of life which mentally broke us and from my personal experience breaking down mentally is one of the worst struggles one can ever go through but The important question that stands is how do we respond towards it?
Some might be lucky to quote happy instances that will be remembered in a positive way through out their lives,but some have other stories to share, a mental breakdown,target of terrible circumstances, which caused them to change.Change their lifestyle,their feelings,their thought process,their life standard accept failure or what so ever problem they had to face due to which they had to change.Change.Adopting to this 6 letter word is one the hardest tasks you might have to go through.And yes you will go through it because its alright you are a human being and this is how life evolves.You might not be getting your coffee from Starbucks each morning,your friends den might not be the place to crash anymore,you might not be the brightest child in the class since that new kid came in.In essence you might not be ready to accept what life has thrown at you.But what is the actual bad news? That precisely You cannot conceive what life has thrown at you.You want something else. You want your latte double shot of cream from starbucks,you want to crash in on your best friends couch when ever you require,you want to be the smartest child in class.But you can’t and that frustrates you,puts you in a state of depression,anxiety,hatred and you become a pessimist.Everything wrong would come your way,that’s what you start believing. And you are not to blame.What can one really do about it? Nothing! But to accept what life has thrown at you and make the best out of it. No matter if it feels like somebody penetrated a knife across your chest. You have to come to terms with the story of your life and make it successful. Either you crib,be stubborn about it and make it worse or you accept it with open arms with a positive attitude and make the best out of it,because it will happen in any case.
In my experience I learnt 4 key points that I lacked.I myself havent been a huge fan of optimism all my life,but then certain events happened which shattered me completely and more specifically my thinking ability to function sanely.I couldnt find a meaning to life. But rising up from that made me believe that good things can happen to you even in the worst of your times if handled emacibally.And for them to happen first and foremost Believe in yourself. Confide in yourself. Do not underestimate your abilities.Self pity is a catalyst towards downfall. If you know and you believe that you can seize the day and make it happen then make sure you do it and it goes your way.This might sound easy to do but extremely hard to perform but the good news is that if you’re able to do so then there you go you have learnt to deal with yourself and I believe that is what a man fights for all his life.Learning to conquer your ownself.I induldged myself into studying to such a great extent that I did not find time for any other thing in the world.Although the profession i chose was very boring to study and I was not interested in it initially but I made the best use of it anyway and plunged myself in my pile of books which greatly helped me.
Another fundamental aspect is to prioritize yourself,listening to it may seem what a useless advice? Everybody does prioritize their own self but that’s not true.You don’t know and in your subconscious you have given priority to another person,job or passion in your life. That is the root cause to all the sadness as your happiness is associated with that particular person or activity.You depend on it and if you dont achieve that your energy goes low.I’m sure not everybody likes that feeling.Then why depend or rely on other things to bring you happiness? prioritize yourself and you will never have to go through such an issue. Create your own happiness by simpler things,let it be by watching a movie ,hanging out with friends,having comfort food or even reading which will be soothing to the soul.But do remember most importantly during this process do not involve yourself in more vicious things such as drugs which is a common aspect used by our society in order to get over depression anxiety or for that matter to escape hard situations. Like i said we’ve all been through A LOT. And we all survived,I DID, but on my own. Drugs would be another dependency that would make life more miserable. Therefore be careful this is an extremely intricate point in your life and it is essentially important to deal with it in a proper manner.
If beauty matters to you,then consider yourself the most beautiful person. I personally feel that the day I am satisfied with my looks I automatically perform much better with much more confidence.Carry that look more,Give those 10 minutes extra while dressing up if they give you a confidence boost in fulfilling all your aims each day.Trust me You will be better off.
Never EVER let any sick mind ruin your thought process or for that matter destroy your belief in yourself.Trust me even if you are the weakest possible candidate in a situation,never let anyone else re-enforce that. Make sure you carry yourself with so much confidence that they refrain from approaching you regarding such a negative view about yourself and you yourself also believe that you will nail the situation you have to deal with.
It is understandable that it is extremely hard to pull all this off in the worst of your times when you are at the lowest node of your life, But like I said this is also the most crucial time,somebody advised me when i was going through such a situation “Either To make it or break it” You surely have to make it by putting all the energy you have.And trust me over the fact that once you make it,you conquer all these issues,you are going to feel the strongest and happiest person possible.Somebody in charge of his/her own-self,not dependent on anything or anybody and that is truly the best feeling in the world.You are strong,confident,beautiful and inevitable.
The most important thing that helped me stand up back when i was in ruins was my connection to God. I used to pray to him,communicate with him and cry every time in explaining him what happened to me,how I felt,I shared every feeling with him like He was the closest to me and He surely Is. I believed in Him and put my Faith in Him,I left everything to Him,slowly I saw a change in myself I felt stronger and better and with time I came to a point where I made God my priority and that not only put me to mental peace but also restored my faith and my confidence in myself which was completely shattered.
I feel if one has a happy stable mental health,there is nothing that can stop him/her from being happy therefore make sure you attain that and most importantly do remember that mental health issues are just like any other infection or disease and there is nothing to be shameful off to accept,that one is suffering from psychological issues,It is okay to talk about it,consult a psychologist and feel better about it. Accept your flaws,absorb them and figure a way out of them,instead of plunging into crap and making your life a hell hole.What’s destined will happen and no body can stop it,then why not embrace it and make the Best Out Of The Worst.
If reading this article helps even one of you then my purpose is served.I’ve been through it I know how it feels,therefore a little contribution towards making your life peaceful would mean everything to me.Feel free to share your views.
Happy Reading =)


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